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  • BrightwaterTM BAFF® - Biological Aerated Flooded Filter

    BrightwaterTM BAFF® is the UK's leading Biological Aerated Flooded Filter (BAFF) technology. BrightwaterTM BAFF® incorporates the latest process and engineering advances to provide small footprint plant with low capital and operating costs.

    An innovative and flexible design approach allows construction of plant serving populations from 500 to 350,000+ and for varying consent levels. High effluent quality is a hallmark of the process that is used for a variety of secondary and tertiary treatment applications.

  • Off-site fabrication

    We recognise the importance of reducing the carbon footprint associated with construction projects. We actively promote the use of off-site fabricated modules, which we facilitate by utilising our fabrication and engineering workshop. This provides 9,000 ft² of internal manufacturing area and 17,000 ft² of secure external storage area. Off-site fabricated modules not only reduce embodied carbon but can significantly reduce on-site construction programmes.