Packaged Treatment Plants

Each packaged unit is designed for commercial applications with bespoke designs available on request. Applications would be Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels, Caravan Parks, Golf Clubs, Schools, Nursing Homes and other Commercial Premises.

Pumping Stations

Our pumping stations are provided in either vertical or horizontal configuration. Our horizontal ranges of pumping stations are typically supplied as a singular unit up to 100,000 litres with multiple tank systems available for any capacities above this.

Rainwater Harvesting

The RainSava rainwater harvesting and rainwater collection system offers a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to public water supply for non-potable use.

Sewage Treatment

Our range of Sewage Treatment Systems are suitable for a wide range of flow rates and PE. They offer low maintenance, low running costs and have proven reliability.

SUDS Attenuation Tanks

Our attenuation tanks are designed to retain rainfall peak flows by storing on site the excess of surface water run-off.

Chemical Dosing Systems

Our wide range of skills provide us with the capability to deliver bespoke systems from skid mounted dosing units, through to complete ‘Turnkey’ bulk chemical storage and dosing plants.

FOG Separators

Our separators remove oil and liquid hydrocarbons from surface water run-off while aiding settlement of silt and other suspended solids.

Off Site Manufactured Modules

We offer a range of products & services for the Off-Site design and manufacture of process equipment for Water and Wastewater applications.