Submerged Aerated Filters (SAF)

Submerged Aerated Filters (SAF) are a well proven technology for wastewater treatment. The BrightwaterTM HSAF® unique SAF design provides a versatile static bed process, using the BMax® floating media, which can be configured for biological wastewater treatment in aerated mode or as a suspended solids filter in unaerated mode. A version enabling the operator to switch between these treatment modes is available. All variants utilise periodic media bed cleaning cycles. These units offer the following system advantages: The features:

  • High quality effluent – the BrightwaterTM HSAF® can achieve 1mg/l ammonia in tertiary mode
  • Small footprint – providing a high specific surface area (700m²/m³)
  • No sludge buildup – Automated cleaning cycle periodically removes excess sludge whilst maintaining sludge age
  • Low power usage – The high efficiency of the process air system ensures a low air and power requirement
  • User Friendly – Proven, simple and robust process requires virtually no maintenance during normal operation.