FLI Water win Supplier of the Year award

FLI Water was recently informed that together with the @One Alliance we have won the 'Supplier of the Year' (Large) award for our collaborative works with @One on the Wing Pulsator Project for our client Anglian Water. The primary scope of the project was to refurbish the Primary inlet streams 1&2, this included:

  • Drain down and cleaning of ozone tanks, Pulsators, central and mixing tanks.
  • Replacement of access hatches.
  • Replacement if air diffusers.
  • Installation of new spray bar system.

This particular project required a very high degree of attention to safety protocols and excellent teamwork and communication due to the hazardous nature of some tasks which included using a specialist diving team to clean out the Central chamber and associated pipes.

Whislt all successful projects can be attributed to a string team effort, A special mention must be give to Project Manager Elia Nigro and Site Supervisor James Ferguson who expertly managed and coordinated all aspects of the project.

Congratulations to all.