The FLI Water FSAF is an innovative, yet simple, fixed media SAF plant that compliments the range of plastic media processes offered by FLI Water Limited. FSAF has been engineered to provide a cost effective ‘build off site’ treatment solution for BOD removal, ammonia removal or combined BOD and ammonia treatment in a single, multi-stage, tank unit, whilst maintaining the ability to achieve high quality effluent, nitrifying down to 1 mg/l ammonia or less.
Careful design results in a plant that is quick and easy to install, operate and maintain, offering low TOTEX cost solutions for Capital Program schemes and user friendly solutions for temporary treatment, for example to allow trickling filters to be removed from service for maintenance or to improve an existing works treatment to secure consent compliance.

FSAF uses a spiral wound tubular media with an engineered roughened surface for optimal biomass attachment and enhanced levels of treatment. 
FSAF units are offered with media having a range of specific surface areas, depending on duty application, with the spiral wound media being formed into blocks, fitted into a frame containing the aeration system for ease of loading into the plant and subsequent ease of removal for maintenance of the aeration system, which is generally a requirement of typical asset standards for SAF plant, in fact FSAF is designed in line.
FLI Water have a range of hire plant, including FSAF, available to hire for temporary treatment during works refurbishment or to augment existing works performance.