The FLI HiSA MBBR is an innovative, yet simple, fixed film biological treatment process that compliments the range of fixed film media processes offered by FLI Water Limited. The FLI Water HiSA MBBR has been engineered to provide a cost effective treatment solution for BOD, ammonia ot Total N removal, and can achieve high quality effluent treatment with the ability to nitrify down to 1 mg/l ammonia or less.

The FLI Water HiSA MBBR uses a specially developed engineered plastic media with a highly cratered surface for optimal biomass attachment and biofilm thickness, providing enhanced levels of treatment. The high specific media surface area of over 4000m2/m3 results in a very high volumetric efficiency when compared to other fixed film processes.

The high specific media area results in significantly smaller reactor volumes and a much lower overall footprint, providing the opportunity for ‘build off site’ solutions for much larger schemes than is the case for alternative fixed film / other MBBR processes. Careful design results in a plant that is quick and easy to install, operate and maintain, offering low TOTEX cost solutions for Capital Program schemes.

The aeration system used in the FLI Water HiSA MBBR plant is the well proven and simple stain-less steel sparge tube system developed for prov-en in many of FLI Water’s other aerated media based processes.

The media retention system incorporated within the reactor tank comprises a simple submerged tubular stainless steel sieve structure. The sieve operates at low hydraulic velocity and being subject to aeration mixing and media movement the sieve is resistant to clogging.