Mutag BioChip Media

 Mutag BioChip Media is a proven, high performance biofilm carrier.

Sector-leading high specific surface area.

  • Surface Area >4,500 m2/m3 for BioChip 25TM)
  • Independently certified (BINAS)
  • Over 700 reference sites for:
    • COD/BOD removal
    • MBBR and IFAS
    • Nitrification
    • Denitrification
    • High strength industrial to tertiary polishing applications
    • New build and retrofit/repurposing
    • Ideal for simple upgrades

FLI Water have an exclusive UK and Ireland license for the municipal / utility water sectors.

Mutag BioChip Media

Engineered Pore Structure.

BioChip Thickness Optimised for Diffusion Depth – all biofilm is active.

Structure provides protection for the biofilm.

Protected Surface Area ≡ Total Surface Area.

Non-clogging - excess biomass removed by shear forces.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced Mixing Energy
  • Round Paraboloid shape ensures efficient mixing
  • minimum mixing energy

Lower Media Volumes.

Lower Tank Volumes.

Lower Tank Surface Area.

Lower Minimum Mixing Energy.

Wear Resistant.

Protective outer ring.

Very low mass low momentum.

No measured change in size/weight from plant with >10 years operation.