Operating as Normal

FLI Water is operating business (almost!) as normal.

As a company we have measures in place to ensure that we are protecting our employees and others and minimizing the spread of COVID-19.
The company ensures we follow all government guidance and these have been taken into account and our procedures amended during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Some of these measures are:

People- we have focused on our people helping them and protecting them whilst they work, providing supporting to them and their families as well as we can.  

Business continuity – we have plans in place for robust business continuity during this time, including people, IT, and infrastructure.

Offices – our offices are mostly closed; where possible we are working from home, allowing those who cannot, to safely work in an office.  Our cloud-based IT infrastructure allows people to work from home, whilst providing the same service as we have previously for our clients.

Travel – our people are only travelling if it’s essential.   Those travelling to site are travelling alone where possible and only essential visitors are allowed on site.

Sites – our people have worked together to come up with solutions to continue working for our clients where it is safe to do so.  We have put together a “COVID pack” of procedures for all sites.  Some of the measures we have implemented include working in ‘family groups’, increased hand cleaning facilities, staggered starts, breaks and finishes,  social distancing in the canteens, meetings held outside where possible, social distancing in the site cabins, site based accommodation and enhanced cleaning on site. 

 Communication – we have embraced Microsoft Teams across the company – communicating with our people bringing latest updates on COVID and our response as a company.   We are holding practically all our meetings by Teams.

 We are proud of how our employees have worked together as one team to keep safe and keep communicating and we are grateful to everyone for their efforts in dealing with the restrictions imposed.