FLI Water and partner Westech are pleased to advise ongoing demonstration of Rapisand technology in the UK

FLI Water (FLI) and Partner Westech are pleased to advise that the Rapisand Flocculation technology developed by Westech is on-site at the Severn Trent R&D centre at the Spernal WRC near Redditch. The trials are part of the ongoing support to the large scale challenge that the WINEP programme is bringing for the water sector in AMP7.

All the initial data is verifying the results and performance rom full scale assets in the US where WesTech are based. The ongoing demonstration and trials are moving into verifying the ultra low TP performance requirements that are being called for on some assets.

Key benefits of Rapisand

  • RapiSand™ effectively treats larger flows and under 0.3TP consents
  • Plants ccan be operational in as little as 20 minutes from start-up time
  • Can handle process upsets and variable influent characteristics
  • Performance - Typical TSS is <5 mg/L and can treat consents down to under 0.1mg/L TP

If anyone would like further details please do not hesitate to contact us.