Welcome to the new look of FLI Group!

On 1st July 2014, Michael FLynn - Founder and Group Executive Chairman launched the new FLI Group corporate branding to coincide with our 25th anniversary.

Michael stated:

With our new look, we have tried to keep the best of the past and build on the best for the future. Our core values have not changed as we have diversified and grown over the years, although our scale of activities certainly has expanded.

FLI was founded in 1989 as a specialist service provider to the environmental sector. The origins of the company date back to 1984 when I was a young technician and trainee project manager for a global manufacturer and world leader in geosynthetics, and a member of a US/German team who led the successful delivery of many complex projects throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and the United States.

The vision to create FLI as a specialist service provider to the emerging and growing global environmental sector was informed by that experience. I was determined to bring state of the art capabilities to the design, supply and installation of what were at the time leading edge technologies.

I set up in business as a self employed project manager in 1987 with the specific objective of leading the delivery of major projects to the highest standard and providing training on the correct use and installation of geosynthetics as part of that service. Following on from the success of this business FLI International Limited was created in 1989 offering our clients an integrated service of the supply and installation of geosynthetics materials where we could maximise the quality and minimise the risks associated with the materials and services that we supplied. Environmental legislation and regulation was now a driver of investment in environmental protection measures globally. Our business grew strongly as corporations and municipalities began to invest.

Today FLI is an industry expert and leader in the diversified environmental services sector with established technical and product services divisions in renewable energy, contaminated land remediation, wastewater and potable water treatment in addition to mining & residual waste containment.

In 2014 we have a permanent staff of 140 highly trained and experienced management and staff in the Group, deployed across our diverse sectors and including civil engineers, geologists, process water engineers, process technology engineers in biogas technology, quantity surveyors, land surveyors, project managers, site managers, graduate engineers, site foremen, health & safety officers, quality assurance personnel and specialist sales teams all supported by experienced accounting personnel and a full range of other back office support and senior managers performing as one team. Our total complement scales to 250 dependent on the scale and reach of operations.

The vision that l had back in 1987 is still held dear, and FLI today represents the core values that were the drivers that led to the creation of the business back in 1989. FLI stands for quality in people and a service capability that is second to none. Our success is based on the principles of knowledge and team work, where all team members are considered equal, where individual difference is acknowledged and respected, and where the combined abilities of many greatly outweigh and outreach that of individual team members. We embrace technology, and continuously update our knowledge through continuous learning, the addition of new skills and abilities, collaboration and knowledge sharing.

At FLI, we believe in equality and in respect for staff and clients in equal measure. Nurturing in house talent is balanced by bringing in new skills and capabilities as we develop and grow. Our people translate their and our capabilities into a superior service to our customers. Our new branding launched in our 25th year represents the confidence, vibrancy and ability that we see in our management and staff, reflected in the bright, colourful and moving style of our new logo and supported by the reliable and dependable leadership team represented by the steel grey in our name. Performing to the best of our abilities in our eyes and in the eyes of our clients is our primary focus.