Pile Cloth Filtration – TSR/P Removal

Pile Cloth Filtration 


• Tertiary Solids Removal

• Phosphorus Reduction Schemes

With integrated coagulation and flocculation stages

Grenex Gdisk® & ChemDisk® Pile Cloth Filtration Offerings:

Key Information

Range of Diameter Disks

• 900mm, 1200mm, 2200mm (standard), 3000mm

• Up to 24 disks per machine

Standard, Standard Fine and Fine Cloth 

• To achieve a range of effluent permits

Backwash Pump Options

• External centrifugal (common duty/standby with actuated valves)

• Internal pumps for 900mm Disks

Range of Tank Options

• Stainless Steel or concrete 

Since 2009, more than 120 GDisk/ChemDisk Pile Cloth Media filter installations, treating in excess of 2,200,000 m3/d, have been installed around the world; including the world’s largest installation at Gwangju in Korea treated a peak of 600,000m3/d.All disks are mounted on a common central tube which conveys filtered water out of the tank to the effluent chamber. All operational functions of the filter are fully automatic, with manual override if required.

A summary of the further features/benefits of the GDisk® Process:

• Gravity filtration designed in a low-pressure head system

• 24-hour continuous operation, even when backwashing

• Outside to inside filtration

• Automatic backwashing triggered by water level controls

• Very low backwash water requirements

• OPEX Energy savings resulting from the very low power consumption 

• Robust at handling wide variations in hydraulic and solids loadings

• Provides high filtrate quality of typically 1-5ppm TSS

The filters consist of very few mechanical components.  The pumps and drive motor only operate on an intermittent basis, delivering excellent TOTEX.  

• The cloth media is subjected to stresses only during cleaning, resulting in minimal wear.  

• The backwash pump and sludge pump are a common unit and externally mounted for ease of access and maintenance.