Strip membrane diffuser

Strip membrane diffusers The high-tensile micro-perforated polyurethane membrane guarantees maximum lifetime. The diffuser has a new air connection that needs no further sealants. The integrated sealing by O-ring allows the air tube to plug-in and tighten easily. The simple and reliable fixing avoids complex and expensive installation work. The unique non-return valve protects the diffuser from water and mud and simultaneously enables pressure relief of the membrane.

  • High-tensile micro-perforated polyurethane membrane)
  • Standard lengths 1.500 mm and 2.000 mm by combining several diffuser lengths up to 6,0m gradations with 500 mm steps)
  • Sealing and clamp as part of the diffuser, put in a 32 mm PE-pipe)
  • One port can provide enough air for up to 8,0 m)
  • Integrated sealing by O-ring.