Disc membrane diffusers

Disc membrane diffusers FLI Water is acknowledged as a leader in developing innovative new water treatment processes and quality products which have been extensively developed and tested. The FLI Water BrightwaterTM B220 range of high-efficiency, fine bubble diffusers include rubber membrane and ceramic, which along with coarse bubble ceramic diffusers can be fitted into the same universal holder. The BrightwaterTM FBDA System offers:

  • Large sealing area
  • Higher mechanical torque fastening
  • Accepts higher tolerance of out-of-roundness on pipe
  • Allows lateral thermal expansion and contraction in elastomer, instead of allowing pipe to move in sealing ring which results in leaks
  • Clips are suitable for over 20 years operation even in high chloride environments
  • Coupling does not rely on high positive pressure for seal, so can be used on low pressure systems and intermittent operation without leakage.
  • The Brightwater B220 disc diffuser series combines cost-effective design, low installation costs, reliability and performance in intermittent and continuous aeration processes.
  • Precision die cut openings for high oxygen transfer efficiency and performance: The operating pressure (DWP) can be adjusted to system specification by using different slit patterns varying the number and length of the slits and the spacing between the slits
  • Active diameter between 184 mm and 295 mm. Different standard and special membrane materials specially engineered for a wide spectrum of applications
  • Silicone: pulp and paper industry, petrochemical and refining processes
  • All membrane materials can be equipped with an anti-fouling surface based on nano technology to prevent build-up of solids and biological encrustations
  • Different orifice sizes to adapt various air flows
  • Check valve integrated into body plate, optional ball valve available
  • Easy mounting on 3-inch and 4-inch IPS pipe as well as 90-mm and 110-mm diameter metric pipe of any thermoplastic material (PVC, CPVC, PP, ABS etc)
  • Glue-on PVC saddle (for PVC only).